Support new bike lanes to New Brighton Middle School

On October 8th, Capitola City Council members will be weighing in on a proposal for new bike lanes on Monterey Avenue in front of New Brighton Middle School. The new lanes would stretch from Kennedy Ave., where new bike lanes are already planned, to Washburn Ave. where the bike lanes end, filling a key gap in front of the school. We are expecting this to be controversial, since adding bike lanes would require parking removal on the coastal side of the street.
We need your support to get these bike lanes approved—especially if you live in Capitola! Come to the October 8th meeting or send a letter to City Council by October 7th if you support better bike access to New Brighton Middle School.
Attend the Council meeting: Thursday, Oct. 8th at 7pm at Capitola City Hall, 420 Capitola Ave. For information on exact times or ideas for speaking points, contact Bike Santa Cruz County director Amelia Conlen at (831) 425-0665 or
Send letters to:
Sample letter (feel free to customize):

Dear Mayor Norton and Councilmembers,
Please approve new bike lanes on Monterey Avenue between Washburn and Kennedy. The new bike lanes will help students safely bike and walk to New Brighton Middle School, and help me travel safely through Capitola. Bike lanes provide dedicated space on the road for people on bikes, reducing conflicts and discouraging sidewalk riding.
New bike lanes on Monterey Ave. would make me feel more comfortable riding my bike across Capitola, and provide an alternative to the more heavily trafficked Park Ave. Please approve these new lanes to make riding a bike a viable option for more New Brighton Middle School students and Capitola residents.