Cyclists Run For Local Leadership In The Sierra Club

If you are a Sierra Club Member, or know someone who is, please support three People Power members who are running for the local Executive Committee: Tawn Kennedy, Mary Odegaard, and Greg McPheeters. The ballot will arrive in the local Sierra Club Chapter Newsletter in December. Ballots are due by the end of the year. Joint (family) members can vote twice.

Because the Sierra Club represents the environmental movement as a whole, it is important to have a strong and active Club that supports alternative transportation as well as other big picture issues related to climate change and energy consumption; that it participates in elections and other public forums and works with a broad spectrum of environmentalists. Please consider voting for the below 3 candidates and/or contact them to learn more about how they intend to serve the Sierra Club.

Tawn Kennedy

Tawn Kennedy is the director of Greenways to School, the local youth advocacy group for bicycling. He is experienced at environmental education and involving students in a variety of environmental issues and causes. He wants to improve the Club’s outreach to potential new members, with emphasis on potential younger

Greg McPheeters

Greg McPheeters

Greg McPheeters' interest in climate change led him to spend the last decade as a design engineer of solar systems and a solar advocate. The same interests led him to be an active bicycle and transportation alternatives advocate working with numerous groups in California and making many trips to lobby in Washington DC. In his spare time he has enjoyed leading youth groups on trips into the mountains and believes strongly in connecting our youth with the outdoors at a young

Mary Odegaard

Mary Odegaard has both a college degree and real-world experience in agriculture, our county's biggest industry, and the biggest user of toxic chemicals. Having worked at Blue Heron and other local organic farms, she knows first hand the practices of both organic and conventional farming. She primarily uses a bicycle for

You will also be receiving by mail a brochure from some of our leading environmentalists and Sierra Club members urging you to vote for Tawn, Greg, and Mary.

Thanks for all you do,

Micah Posner
People Power Director and
Sierra Club member for 12 years