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The Wildercat Bike Race

  • University Terrace Park 369 Meder St Santa Cruz, CA, 95060 United States (map)

A bike race around Santa Cruz city and mountains. Not for the feint of heart. for lovers of fun in the sun.

WHAT it is: It's an allycat race ya dingus! Dont know what that is? It's a checkpoint race. need more info? Google it!
Really, this is an allycat race that will be on road, and off road. The course is different then the last one, and has more off road sections, but road bikes will still work. The course is of course top secret but as usual its greater then 15 miles, but less then 30. The checkpoint information will become available when you get your manifest for registration. So, pick what kind of bike you think would be best. cross/road/mtn etc. and come race!

WHERE: The race will begin at University Terrace Park. Look for an easy up, and bike people. The race itself will cover the city of Santa Cruz and the dirt that remains on its periphery. The race will end at an address TBA. There there will be an after party with food, beer and of course awesome prizes.

WHEN: SUNDAY September 6th!!! A little less then one month away. We are going to show up at 11am. Registration begins at 11:30am. Get there early to get your place in line, and a map/spoke card/hangout. We will be doing registration until we have a pre-race announcement about some aspects of the race. Make sure you pay attention, because there might be some important information that could make or break a victory!

HOW: you ride a bike, and have a good time. pretty simple.
We are asking a $10-20 sliding scale entry fee. This is going towards prizes, beer, food, materials, and anything left over towards the inaugural season of The Cycledelicats cx season.

WHO: This race is being hosted by The Cycledelicats. Never heard of us? That's impossible, because a couple months ago we hosted a bike race you might have been to.

WHY: Because Santa Cruz is cool. You are cool. We are pretty cool. So lets have a good time.
If you cannot race, but can give us a hand let us know. We are looking for people to be awesome checkpoint people!