Who We Are - Everyday Heroes

Kathryn Cunningham

Because Bike Commuters Do It Every Day!

While the Tour of California rolls through once a year, there are hundreds of everyday heroes who ride their bikes 365 days a year to work, school, or anywhere else their hearts desire! By the simple act of cycling, they do their part to reduce noise, air pollution, and reliance on foreign oil; increase public safety; and enhance their own health. Like their racing counterparts, they demonstrate the power of the human body to move itself.

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Kathryn Cunningham

I ride my bike to work every day unless it's pouring down so much rain that it would be unsafe to ride.

I live on the East side and work on the West side, near Natural Bridges, so I get a good half-hour ride each way. In the mornings I always ride along West Cliff Drive and take advantage of being able to stop and watch dolphins, whales, pelicans, otters, surfers and fishing folks enjoying the water.

Riding my bike home gives me time to shed any negatives from the work day—no time to dwell on it while watching where the traffic and pedestrians are! I ride because it feels good and I love my bike.


John and Betty Devalcourt

We ride to West Cliff and along the ocean every day for about 45 minutes and do nearly all of our errands by bike. We ride to Quaker Meeting every Sunday.

John: When I taught summer session at Cabrillo, I rode about seven miles each way, every day for 10 years. For longer distances like Capitola, Ben Lomond or San Fransisco, I put my bike on the bus or train.

Betty: My favorite thing about bike commuting, besides the exercise is that I can enjoy looking at the ocean, the birds, the surfers… It's good for the hips, the lower back, and makes you strong for walking as you get older.


Ashley Jett

I commute from Seabright to the Bay Tree Bookstore every day. My favorite thing about commuting by bike is being outside in the morning and connecting with nature before sitting in an office all day.

Before I started this job, I was having trouble with depression and considered going on medication. Once I started getting my hour of exercise outdoors each day, my feelings completely changed. Now I am more connected to my surroundings, more alive. I feel happy.

I started biking because it was so expensive to park on campus. Now I would never choose to drive a car when a bike commute was possible.


Takashi Yogi

I live in Felton, so I hop on the bus with my bike to get downtown. From there I can ride to my shop on 17th. Every Sunday I bike over to a place near the University where I sing Gregorian chants. I bike mostly for transportation rather than recreation.

The best things about riding are fresh air. Seeing natural things. As an engineer, I think bicycles are the acme of technology—maximum benefit for the environmental cost. As machines bikes are efficient and durable. Biking is a great way to stay fit and a cheap way to get places with minimal impact on resources. Oh, and no parking problems.


John Schneiderman

I ride my bike to work every day from Brookdale to Santa Cruz and back—about 14 miles each way. I ride because it is really healthy, energizing, and just a nice way to start and end my day. Also, I am a busy person, so multitasking is a valuable tool. When I ride, it's my commute and also my exercise.

You would think that people would be impressed with me riding on Highway 9 every day. That they would think, "Wow, I couldn't do that." But a lot of people aren't. They seem to think that I don't have a right to be there. I have a couple bad stories about rude drivers.