Support Green Lane Treatments in the City of Santa Cruz by May 12th!

Bike Santa Cruz County won a campaign last year to fund the first green lane treatments in the City of Santa Cruz, and this year we're working for more! Funding for green lane treatments is on the agenda at next Tuesday's Santa Cruz City Council meeting, and we need your support. Contact your City Council members by Tuesday, May 12th to ask them to keep funding for green lane treatments in their 2016-2018 transportation budget, and let them know where you would like to see the next green lanes (see sample letter below). We're also looking for folks to speak at the meeting—if you would like to speak, contact Amelia at (831) 425-0665 or

Green lane treatments are a low-cost way to improve conditions for people on bikes. The green is used to highlight “conflict zones”, places where the traffic lane and bike lanes cross, which lets drivers know where to expect people on bikes and makes cyclists more visible on the road. The first green lane treatments in Santa Cruz County were installed last fall in Soquel Village, and more were installed on Laurel Street in Santa Cruz in early 2015.

Tuesday's meeting is the first step in the City of Santa Cruz budget process—the final decisions will be made during budget hearings, May 26-28. We'll keep you posted on the process and let you know if further support is needed.

Sample letter (send to

Dear Mayor Lane and Council members,

Please support $150,000 in funding in the Capital Improvement Program for green lane treatments. This is a low-cost way to for us to make our roadways safer and more comfortable for people on bikes. These treatments make me feel safer, whether I'm riding my bike or driving, by clarifying the rules of the road and letting drivers know where to expect people on bikes.

I can't wait to see green lanes at (insert your high-priority road or intersection here). Please approve this funding and make more green lane treatments a reality in Santa Cruz.


Mar Vista Bike-Pedestrian Bridge

Mar Vista Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge

Bike Santa Cruz has worked to support a bike/pedestrian bridge over Hwy 1 Aptos since 2007. The bridge is part of the proposed Highway 1 auxiliary lanes project. Funds for the bridge are already in place, but the project is delayed by Caltrans review of the auxiliary lanes project environmental review. Bike Santa Cruz continues to monitor the project and work with neighbors to build political support.

The Mar Vista bridge would connect the Seacliff neighborhood to Soquel businesses and provide a safe crossing over Highway 1 for students to Mar Vista Elementary School and Cabrillo. The bridge would also connect to a future rail trail. Now, anyone walking or biking from the Seacliff neighborhood must take State Park Drive, which is not pedestrian or bike friendly.

​Build the Coastal Rail Trail

Build the Coastal Rail Trail

The Coastal Rail Trail is a proposed 32-mile paved bike & pedestrian trail that will run parallel to the rail line from Davenport to Watsonville. The trail forms the spine of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail, which includes an additional 18 miles of trails and will eventually connect to the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail. The Coastal Rail Trail has been a top priority project for Bike Santa Cruz for more than a decade, and in partnership with Friends of the Rail & Trail, we continue to advocate for trail funding and construction.

After years of advocacy, the purchase of the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line by the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) was approved in 2012. RTC Commissioners approved the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Master Plan in 2013, and funded the first two segments of trail in Santa Cruz and Watsonville. The Santa Cruz segment is 2.4-miles and runs through the Westside from Pacific Ave. to Natural Bridges Drive. The 4,000-foot Watsonville segment is near East Beach Street and connects local neighborhoods to the Watsonville Slough Trails. Projects are expected to be completed in 2018 and 2017, respectively.

For more information on the project and to view the complete Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Master Plan, visit the RTC's website:


Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Network

Advocating for construction of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Network, in conjunction with Friends of the Rail & Trail. The corridor was acquired in October 2012, and the Trail Network Master Plan was approved in November 2013. Two trail segments were funded in December 2013 and should be completed by 2017 - Westside Santa Cruz from Natural Bridges Drive to the Wharf, and in Watsonville near Beach Road.