History and Accomplishments

Since its inception in 1991, People Power has worked to improve conditions for bicycling and other forms of sustainable transportation. Our accomplishments include:

  • Successful campaigns for bike lanes on Soquel Avenue, the contraflow bike path on Beach Street, the Broadway - Brommer path, and bike racks on county buses
  • Creation of a Bike and Pedestrian Subcommittee and Bicycle Coordinator position within the City of Santa Cruz
  • More than a decade of advocacy supporting the purchase of the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line by the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission
  • Creation of the youth education program Green Ways to School
  • Assisting with the formation of the Hub for Sustainable Living and the Bike Church
  • Helping to develop the Bike Tech Regional Occupation Program in local high schools
  • Supporting political campaigns for allies of bicycling and sustainable transportation
  • Launching the County's first bike valet service
  • Hosting events and group rides throughout the County

Goals and Strategies


Work with local elected officials, municipal and county staff, and partner organizations to promote bicycle infrastructure and facilities and programs in Santa Cruz County. Activities include grassroots organizing, direct lobbying, publication of a quarterly newsletter, and campaign research.

Advocacy Goals

  • Monitor and push for completion of ongoing projects including the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Network, Broadway-Brommer path, and Mar Vista Bridge
  • Work to promote completion of the bike network and the importance of a network perspective among city and county staff and elected officials
  • Continue to educate elected officials about the importance of bike issues, and work to support the campaigns of candidates who prioritize bicycling and sustainable transportation

Community Events and Programs

Design, coordinate and promote a variety of community events throughout Santa Cruz County, including group rides, guest speakers, and bike movies to grow a vibrant cycling culture. Design, implement, and promote bike education workshops throughout Santa Cruz County, partnering with organizations where possible to maximize program reach. Coordinate bike valet parking service at community events.

Program and Event Goals

  • Plan or work in partnership to produce an average of eight events per year
  • Work to engage new event partners or co-sponsors
  • Design events for a variety of audiences such as youth, families, and new cyclists
  • Provide resources and information to those interested in bike commuting through a series of workplace-based and community workshops
  • Reach 360 individuals per year with 18 workplace-based workshops and 18 community workshops (average of 10 participants per class)
  • Create effective and professional program branding and perform ongoing program outreach to employers and the community


Perform all daily operational functions of the organization including membership outreach and communication, fundraising, Green Ways to School program management and support, Steering Committee participation and reporting, and capacity building.

Operations Goals

  • Incorporate People Power as a 501(c)(4) organization in 2013
  • Through fundraising events, private donations, and increased individual and business membership, increase annual budget to support a full-time Executive Director position and additional staff time as needed, and to have a minimum 3-month operational reserve
  • Improve branding and visibility of People Power through increased reach and streamlined messaging and communications
  • Expand and diversify the Steering Committee to expand geographic representation and bring a variety of skills and perspectives to the group
  • Provide support for Green Ways to School programs, fundraising, and organizational development