Bike Santa Cruz County offers an easy, fun, and safe way for cyclists to attend your event with free Valet Bike Parking!

Earth Day 2012, San Lorenzo Park

Earth Day 2012, San Lorenzo Park


What is valet bike parking?

Valet Bike Parking is monitored temporary bicycle parking that allows a large number of bikes to be securely stored in a relatively small area without individuals having to worry about locking their bicycles. It works like a coat check: the bike parking area is fenced off and staff or volunteers check bicycles in and out. Valet Bike Parking is always free for event goers, and is a great incentive for attendees to ride their bikes to your event. 

what's so great about valet bike parking?

Monitored bicycle parking greatly reduces theft potential, clutter at events, barriers to pedestrian travel, and can potentially increase attendance if secure bicycle parking is advertised in advance of the event. This encourages people to use bicycles for transportation rather than driving a car and dealing with traffic and parking. 

Having Valet Bike Parking at your event also shows event participants that your organization is committed to supporting a healthy community and alternative forms of transportation. 

hire us at your event!

Bike Santa Cruz County charges event organizers $80/hour, but it's free for cyclists attending your event. We offer a 20% discount to non-profit organizations and $10/hour off to our Business Members. Are you interested in hiring us for your valet parking needs? Please fill out the interest form below!

Valet Bike Parking Interest Form

We have hosted Valet Bike Parking at the following events:

  • Bike Week First Friday
  • Caletti Cycles Open House
  • Ebb & Flow River Art
  • Grey Bears Senior Picnic
  • Japanese Cultural Fair
  • Mole and Mariachi Festival
  • Old Cabin Classic
  • Open Streets Capitola 
  • Open Studios Kick-Off Reception
  • Pleasure Point Street Fair
  • Run By The Sea
  • Santa Cruz Earth Day
  • Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival
  • UCSC Harvest Festival